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What Your Client Can Expect from Medical Therapy for Hair Loss?

If your client is experiencing hair loss, you may be more concerned about finding how to correct it and grow their hair back than about finding out what caused it. However, the reality is that depending upon the underlying cause of the hair loss, efforts to grow the hair back can actually be counterproductive and […]

How Can a Hair Stylist or Barber Help a Client with Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata

Don’t Underestimate Your Ability to Help Your Clients One of the best parts of being a hair stylist or barber is that moment when you spin that chair to face the mirror and show a client the great hair style you’ve just done and the client’s face lights up.  Everyone loves to look their best, […]

Tumors and Growths that Occur on the Scalp

What if You Discover a Growth on a Client’s Head? It can be very alarming to discover a growth on a client’s scalp as you work, especially if you are familiar with the client and know it is new.  Most bumps and lumps on the scalp are not that serious.  Indeed, it might simply be […]

A Call for the Medical Community to Bridge the Gap That Exists Between Them and Hair Stylists

Doctors often lament the fact that patients who are experiencing hair loss come to them when it is too late to prevent permanent baldness. With his new book ‘Dr. Weaver’s Black Hair Loss Guide”, Seymour Weaver III, MD bridges the gap between doctors and the first person to notice hair loss: hair stylists. Many medical […]

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Dr. Weaver’s Black Hair Loss Guide is destined to be a best selling book that will teach the world how early identification of the medical conditions that commonly result in hair thinning among African Americans need to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible to help prevent permanent baldness!






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