What If Your Female Client Has Too Much Facial Hair?

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Facial hair could be a great source of self consciousness and embarrassment for women. With too much facial hair, they feel like a lady with beard. Every woman has considerable facial hair. In most cases, it goes almost unnoticed, because the hair is very fine and imperceptible.  But when the hair is coarse and thick and women have excess facial hair, then it is usually a problem for them. If your female client has too much facial hair, you can suggest them various ways to remove facial hair.

Here are some commonly used ways to remove excess facial hair:


Tweezing is one of the most commonly used methods to remove facial hair. Although it is time consuming and painful, if your client is low on budget, you can suggest this option for her. In most cases, the unwanted hair does not show signs of growth until several weeks. However, individuals with sensitive skin that gets irritated easily might develop bumps, itching, or irritation due to entrapped hairs or as a reaction to the tweezing itself.  If any of these symptoms or changes develop, then the tweezing needs to be stopped right away.


Waxing is another common and effective way to remove facial hair. It is relatively less painful and time consuming when compared to tweezing. Although it is slightly expensive than tweezing, it is quite affordable. It takes few weeks for the unwanted hair to grow. Also, with repeated waxing sessions, the growth of facial hair could be controlled to some extent. However, it is not the same with all the cases.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments offer a long term solution for removing facial hair. If your client does not get satisfactory results by trying the temporary treatment options mentioned above and wants a long term solution to deal with her excess facial hair, then laser treatment could be the best option for her. Laser treatment works by targeting the dark pigment in the hair follicle with high energy beams of light that generate heat inside of the follicle which stops the hair from growing.  It takes a series of treatments for this process to produce long term results, but your clients will notice that the bumps and irritation usually clear up within a month or two.  While this procedure has a higher cost than waxing or tweezing, when compared to the more temporary methods, it is totally worth it.

Things to consider

  • Make sure you discuss all the available treatment options with your client. While some people do not mind spending that extra money some others might have reservations. Also, effectiveness of each treatment option should be thoroughly discussed with your client. This will make it easy for them to make the right choice.
  • It is important to consider the health conditions of your client before you suggest a treatment option. In many cases, growth of facial hair could be a sign of hormonal imbalances.
  • In cases of hormonal imbalances, your client should consider medication before undergoing any treatment.

Call to Action

Most women with too much facial hair feel humiliated and have low confidence levels. If your female client is too conscious about facial hair, this might as well destroy her self esteem. As a specialist, you can motivate your client to make her feel better. It is often believed that treatment usually works well when you believe in it. It is therefore important that your client believes in the treatment option you suggest. Since facial hair is a common problem faced by many women, remind your client that many other women out there are living with the same problem.   To see examples of how laser hair removal treatments can work, CLICK HERE!!!

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