What’s that Itchy, Flaky Scalp Telling You?

itchy flaky scalp
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Helping Clients Decipher an Embarrassing Problem

The stereotypical image is of clients chatting with their hairstylist and revealing details of their personal life, sharing private problems.  But the truth is that sometimes, simply seeing their hair and scalp from your vantage point reveals embarrassing and even painful problems clients are reluctant to mention.

Hair that looks fine from the front when clients glance in the mirror can look very, very different when viewed from above and behind.  And hair stylists see a lot of itchy, flaky scalps.  It is rarely a serious health threat, but it can be seriously embarrassing and bothersome for your client.  But what causes it? Continue reading “What’s that Itchy, Flaky Scalp Telling You?” »

A Call for the Medical Community to Bridge the Gap That Exists Between Them and Hair Stylists

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Doctors often lament the fact that patients who are experiencing hair loss come to them when it is too late to prevent permanent baldness. With his new book ‘Dr. Weaver’s Black Hair Loss Guide”, Seymour Weaver III, MD bridges the gap between doctors and the first person to notice hair loss: hair stylists.

Many medical professionals wish that there were a way to spark a conversation with the hair styling community. Hair stylists see clients more regularly than their doctor sees them, meaning that they are the first line of defense when it comes to spotting thinning hair before it is too late. By the time that women decide to go to the doctor, it is often too late. In his new book, Dr. Weaver’s Black Hair Loss Guide: How to Stop Thinning Hair and Avoid Permanent Baldness, Dr. Seymour Weaver bridges the gap, empowering hair stylists to be better advisers to their clients. Continue reading “A Call for the Medical Community to Bridge the Gap That Exists Between Them and Hair Stylists” »

What to Do if You Experience Nail Tenderness

The Nail Unit
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Are Your Nails Suffering?

Your hands take a lot of abuse at work, and that includes your fingernails.  If you are regularly shampooing customer’s hair and using various hair products without gloves, your fingernails are really taking a beating, not to mention they are potentially at risk of being exposed to a fungal or bacterial infection.

Being in and out of water can make your nails feel soft for a short time, but really only until they are dry.  There are a number of medical conditions that are more common in individuals who do wet work and have to wash their hands a lot.

If your nails are experiencing any change that associated with tenderness or discomfort which does not reverse quickly, it might just cosmetologist ,cosmetologist resume ,licensed cosmetologist ,cover letter cosmetologist ,cosmetologist salary ,salary of cosmetologist ,cosmetologist pay scale ,cosmetologist clipart ,resume for cosmetologist ,famous cosmetologis ,medical insurance ,medical insurances ,medical question  ,medical ,medical questions ,medical devices ,medical conditions ,medical software companies ,medical condition ,hair styling set ,hair ,beauty advisor skills  ,beauty consultant skills ,natural hair growth ,haircuts for thin hair  ,hair growth ,hair style ,hair care ,hair styles  ,hair loss treatment ,barber ,barber shop ,barber shops  ,barber school    ,hair stylist   ,fashion stylist,celebrity stylist,hair stylist resume,fashion stylist jobs,stylist games,fashion stylist houston, hair loss treatment,hair loss,hair loss product   ,best hair loss product,hair loss treatments, hair loss protection,   female hair loss,to prevent hair loss,cause hair loss,

be time to talk to your doctor about it and see if there is a problem and how to best deal with it.  One of the things you want to avoid is developing ongoing tenderness and discomfort as well as a deformed nail. Continue reading “What to Do if You Experience Nail Tenderness” »

Hair Nutrition Tips for the Hair Care Professional

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Eating Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

The fact that nutrition has a role to play with hair loss is something that you are well aware of, but it sometimes gets overlooked.  The composition of amino acids and B-vitamins results in the keratin protein structure of hair. When a person does not get enough or does not get the right source of these ingredients hair will tend to not grow as well. Many individuals go through a variety of life experiences that can cause their nutritional needs to increase with or without their awareness.  Let’s look at some of the ways that this can happen.

Continue reading “Hair Nutrition Tips for the Hair Care Professional” »

Welcome to the all new MedicalHairProfessionals.com

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MedicalHairProfessionals.com is the world’s  leading website and newsletter for the medical empowerment of the professional hair, nail, skin and aesthetic cosmetology universe, including and particularly in training.

Our mission is to supply the tools that can give EVERY professional the ability to connect beauty skills with medical insight.  We are striving to create a community where hundreds of thousands of stylists from all over the world come together in support and celebration of each other, with informational support particularly, as a first responder, to a variety of medical conditions, like hair loss, which you experience in your work. Continue reading “Welcome to the all new MedicalHairProfessionals.com” »

Houston Image Expo 2013 | MHP Booth #612

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New Book | Purchase Yours on Amazon

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Dr. Weaver’s Black Hair Loss Guide is destined to be a best selling book that will teach the world how early identification of the medical conditions that commonly result in hair thinning among African Americans need to be diagnosed  and treated as early as possible to help prevent permanent baldness!

Get this book if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning and have put off getting a medical diagnosis or you are not satisfied with your diagnosis so that you can know what you need to do.






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