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Ringworm or Fungal Infections of the Scalp

Published on August 26, 2013 By Dr. Weaver

Ringworm or Fungal Infections of the Scalp
Fungal Infections: What to look for to help your clients? Ringworm is a fungal infection and has nothing to do with worms. When ringworm occurs on the scalp, it is referred to as Tinea capitis.

Hair Nutrition Tips for the Hair Care Professional

Published on June 16, 2013 By Dr. Weaver

The fact that nutrition has a role to play with hair loss is something that you are well aware of, but it sometimes gets overlooked. Information for hair care professionals on the role of nutrition in hair loss. Learn how to better serve your clients with their hair care.

New Book | Purchase Yours on Amazon

Published on August 8, 2012 By Dr. Weaver

Dr. Weaver’s Black Hair Loss Guide is destined to be a best selling book that will teach the world how early identification of the medical conditions that commonly result in hair thinning among African Americans need to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible to help prevent permanent baldness!